Devo Program 1/14-1/15

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Last weekend we skied in a duel giant slalom course on Charlie's and had a great time skiing all around the mountain on fresh machine made snow. The numerous snowmaking whales were awesome to ski on.

This weekend we are scheduled for our Fun Race event Sunday, on Charlie's Chase Trail.
Saturday we will do some training in gates and brush courses in preparation for Sunday's race along with plenty of All Mountain Skiing.

The Fun Race on Sunday will consist of one timed run in a Duel Giant Slalom course.
As always, if a contestant falls or misses a gate they may go back up to the start and take a rerun. We want to make sure every contestant gets a good timed run.
Approximate start times will be available at the meeting area Sunday morning. Parents and friends may watch the race from outside the finish fence.

Temperatures are expected to be milder this weekend then last and snowmaking operations should be in high gear.

Don't forget to sharpen and wax your skis, it will be a great weekend for a ski race.

The Development Program will not run on Monday, January 16th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

See you Saturday.

Nancy Logan

Training Center Administrative Manager

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