Devo Program Kick-Off Weekend 12/10-12/11

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dear Devo Athletes and Families,

We are really excited for the kick off weekend of our Development Program.

-    Just a reminder for parents that have not turned in permission forms for their child/ren.  No athlete will be allowed to participate without submitting all of the attached forms and checking in at the Training Center to pick up a program sticker. You may scan and email the forms to me (Nancy) in advance – this will save you a ton of time at check-in. I also keep copies of forms in my office. If you are a returning participant, I will be sending a separate email with your starting level for this season. If you do not receive a level email please report to the appropriate age sign. 

Wayne and I will be in the office late Friday and early Saturday. You need to pick up program stickers before starting the program.

•    Friday 12/11  8AM – 6 PM 
•    Saturday 12/12  7AM – 8:15 AM 
Some Questions you must have…
What time should we be there?
            Athletes are asked to be at their designated places by 8:30 Saturday morning they will be getting on lifts by 8:45. Please do not be late as it is difficult to connect with the group after they are on the mountain. This will be the meeting time every week from now on.

Where do I go after I pick up my program pass? 
•    New All-Mountain skiers will meet slope side of the Cape House by the sign showing their age. From here they will be evaluated and placed in an age appropriate skill level group. 
•    If your child is 6 and new to the program, they will go directly to the A sign, slope side of the Cape House.
•    Returning All Mountain Skiers, we have added two new groups this season to better facilitate a smooth progression thru the advanced skier levels.
The group levels this season will be A,B,C,D,E,F & G.
The signs for groups A & B are located in front of the cape house.
The signs for groups C,D,E,F, & G are located in front of the Clock Tower Building.
•    Both new and returning freestylers will meet on the slope side of the Cape House.
•    Both new and returning snowboarders will meet on the slope side of the Waffle Haus.

The attached map shows where each group can be found in the base area.

What time is the program day over? Where will my athlete be?

The program ends at 12:45 every day. The groups are brought back to the spot where they met at the start of the day. If you did not approve dismissal, your athlete will be waiting with the coach to be picked up.

We have built a progression within each discipline so that practice time is beneficial to all athletes in a group and they have a clear understanding of what they can do to make it to the next level. 

All participants are expected to be able to turn left, turn right, stop under their own power and load/unload chairlifts.

Please provide snack money either in a secure pocket or visit the season pass office to load money onto the participant’s season pass for break times.

Stay safe, and remember the most important part is to have fun!
If you have any questions or concerns throughout the season, please contact me at  or 802-464-4270.

See you at the mountain!

Nancy Logan
Training Center Administrative Manager
Office: 802.464.4270  |    Fax: 802.464.4162
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