Alpine Comp 2.8-2.9.20

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Hello Alpine team,


    With a crazy race weekend behind us and another coming we all need to make sure that we are getting our rest and doing your best to stay healthy.  In talking with the coaches, everyone had the same thing to say: no pole plants!  When the course is at its toughest this is a must and will help lower your time.   So don’t forget about your old friend pole plant!


We still need some volunteers for Course Maintenance and Gatekeeping for Saturday and Sunday's U12 and U14 race this weekend. Please email if you can help.







  • GS at Home

  • Bromley SL

  • Ego SL at Home

  • Stratton GS



  • Stubbie SL


  • GS

  • Parents meeting at 2:30 


Thinking snow,


Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager




Mount Snow, Vermont


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