Alpine Comp 1.4-1.5.20

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!


With 2019 behind us we are moving into the competition portion of our winter.  Please take time to look over fact sheets for each event before meetings with coaches so they can go over any questions that you have.  Please always feel free to reach out to us if you are unsure or need clarity about an event.  

We still have lots of spots available to volunteer for this weekend's events.  Please send Nancy a message if you would be able to help us. 

This winter we will be running additional training days. We hold them on Fridays, and I ask that you let us know by Tuesday of the week you will be coming so I can staff and plan the days training. With the forecast not changing for this Friday (heavy rain)  we will look to hold our first training on 1/10.  

These days are transferable to other athletes; but they can’t be refunded.  So look over your calendar and see if other people would be attending and you can save some money.

1 day $70.00

6 days $350.00

12 days $650.00



U14 link to Bromley fact sheet of with all the information about Sunday

U12 link to fact sheet of about Saturday

U10 link to factsheet of about Sunday






  •   Bromley SL

  • Home GS

  • Berkshire GS

  • Home SL 


  • Panel SL practice

  • Meeting 2:30 outside TC about race at Bromley


  • Skills home SL skis am GS pm

  • GS skis Dual GS


  • SL skis or Multi ski

  • Meeting 2:30 at fire pit to go over Skills at home on sunday

  • Skills home SL skis am GS pm


Thinking snow,


Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager




Mount Snow, Vermont


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