Alpine Comp 12.21-12.23.19

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Hello Alpine team,


            As I write this we are getting nice steady snow and have been all day!  This should help the upcoming weekend stretch of skiing. Our programs will run this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (20-23) also Thursday-Sunday (26-29).  The holiday race will be on the 28th and it will be a dual SL. More information will be sent by this weekend.  

            A big thank you to everyone that attended the meeting last Saturday! It’s great to get everyone all together and feel the energy and passion for the upcoming season. I wanted to say how proud I am watching the groups work hard; I can start to see the changes in everyone’s skiing! Keep this up every weekend.  I noticed some athletes using a pole plant (awesome!) and hope to write this next week that ALL athletes have been using it!


U16/19 Register on Admin ski racing for Sunday Reg - Closes 12/20 







·      GS skis early lunch at 11

Okemo GS/SL at Mount Snow Full Armor

SL Full Armor


·         SL Stubbie shin guards pm

SL stubbie shin guards 

SL stubbie shin guards 


SL ski/ Skills

SL ski/ Skills

 SL ski/ Skills


SL skis or Multi ski

SL ski/ Skills

SL ski/ Skills


Thinking snow,


Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager


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