Alpine Comp 2.16 - 2.18.19

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Hello Alpine Team,

What a great weekend we had with U10 and U12 groups having races on Sunday and U14, 16/19 great days with GS, and the best SG training day I have seen. I am really proud of how hard everyone is working to become stronger ski racers, and trying to make every run better. The best way to get better at skiing is skiing and you all are doing great.

This weekend we have three program days which will include Monday the 18th. We will not have Friday additional training this week. Next week we will try and run some additional days (between Tuesday 2/19 and Friday 2/22). Please let us know which days you’d be interested in attending (this will help with staffing, etc.). As a reminder, cost for additional training says are $70/day or you can buy a six-pack for $350. The six-pack is transferrable, but not refundable. Please R.S.V.P. to Nancy by this weekend with days you would like to train. Our hope is people will take advantage of this if you plan to spend the week at Mount Snow!

Also, I missed a race from Super Bowl Sunday, our U16/19 group was at Jiminy and they showed up and did really well! 26th Lindsay Correll, 27th Jenny Hill, 28th Kristen Wolfe, 42nd Eliza Simpson, 33rd Bear Paradiso, 42nd Jack Chitkara, 51st Thomas Glassman. Great Job!

Let’s recognize some racers from this past weekend too:

* U12 GS at Stratton Isabella Thurber 5th place

* U10 Stubbie SL at Magic: 1st Carter Hammond , 7th Gisele Brandao, 10th Katherine Geoghan, 8th Liam Dickerson, 9th Daniel Geoghan, 10th Jagger Spielaman.


Great skiing and so happy for the hard work paying off!

Plans for this weekend:


-Saturday, and Sunday SL

-Monday Pico SL also SL at Mount Snow


-Friday SG will let you know if cancelled with weather coming in keep checking for postponement information

-Saturday and Sunday SL -Monday Magic SL


-Stubbie SL all three days


-Saturday and Sunday GS

-Monday Dual SL


Thank you,

Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager



Office: 802.464.4165

Fax: 802.464.4083

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