Alpine Comp 2.9-2.10.19

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Hello Alpine Team,

What a great last weekend, lots of training and race days for all our groups!!! If you didn’t know, all VARA results are easy to look up: Remember, we’re racing in an incredibly competitive state! The more we train, prepare, and learn to execute will make us faster each time we get out there. Chat with your coaches this weekend about race runs and what you feel you could have done better, it will help in the long run.

* U16 Bromley SL Vermont Cup Final:

o Eliza Simpson 29th, Kristen Wolfe 31st, Jenny Hill 34th

o JD DeLaurentis 39th, Marcel Juguet 46th

* U14 Stratton GS -- Great job on a very hard two runs:

o Sally Brouhard 10th, Kate Kaplin 21st, Charlotte Brawer 24th, Rose Goldman 26th

o Cody DeLaurentis 2nd , Riley Thurber 10th, Grover Whitaker 18th, Davis Simpson 20th, Liam Tenenbaum 25th, Tommy Ybarra 26th, Micha Hughes 28th

* U12 Mount Snow GS fog and icy coaches knoll:

o Isabella Thurber 3rd, Sadie Mathis 7th, Tess Martin 8th, Gabby O’Meara 13th, Fiona Toole 14th, Grace Makkas 19th, Kadyin Martell 23rd, Madison Monks 26th, Carly Manamara 27th, Ruby Mathis 28th

o Eadon Hecht 15th, Matthew Wolfe 25th, Asher Stein 27th, William Cavalier 29th

* U10 Magic Dual GS 2 races lots of runs and racing:

o Gisele Brandao 10th 17th, Amanda Myott 11th 21st, Katherine Geoghan 12th 18th, Clementine Bo 14th 15th, Madeline Van Der Weijden 14th 17th, Sadie Cameron 18th 20th, Rina Yang 25th 28th, Gianna Pellegrino 28th, Emma Sklar 30th

o Bennett Schwartz 1st 4th, Carter Hammond 4th 8th, John Keogh 6th, Myles Greenburg 6th 16th, Liam Dickerson 7th 21st, Leiv Hecht 12th 13th , Graham Spencer 12th 14th, Aydin Hammett 17th 22nd, Jagger Spielman 18th, Daniel Geoghan 23rd 26th, Elliot Bertolami 26th, Nemanja Hughes 28th 29th

IMPORTANT NOTE: This weekend Mike Workman, head U16/19 coach, will offer free tuning clinic at 10:30 in tuning room for parents and 2:30 for kids to watch and ask questions. Thank you, Mike!

Plans for this weekend:

* U16 GS training Saturday pm session, Sunday SG am session

* U14 GS training Saturday pm session, Sunday SG am session

* U12 GS am session 2:30 parents meeting about race. o Sunday Race at Stratton GS

* U10 Stubbie SL session all day 2:30 parents meeting about race. o Sunday Bromley stubbie SL race

Thinking snow,

Wayne Conn

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