Alpine Comp 12.15-12.16.18

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hello Alpine team,

I know I always start with the weather, but it’s the most important thing! So here we go! It looks like it’s changing for the better this weekend so I’m hoping we won’t see any of the rain! We had a great weekend last weekend and I’m looking forward to another great one again.

You know what else is as important as the weather? Pole Plants. When skiing, and especially when ski racing, pole plants are a critical point on any ski turn. Make sure you are planting the pole down the hill during your turn; this helps keep the body’s center of mass moving from turn to turn. The coaches and I will keep on working on this all season with you, so please do your part and make every turn a chance to practice.

Also, an additional reminder: you may want to pack an extra pairs of socks, face masks, gloves, hand and toe warmers. These are great to have your ski bag to change out at breaks or lunch to keep them happy and dry for the entire day.

We are going to be running Friday training from 9-3:30, 12/14 and the weather looks great. The focus will be on SL and we still have spots so RSVP to Nancy today if you haven’t already.  Parents of Friday training athletes, please take into consideration that it is Founders Day at the mountain on Friday.  Plan accordingly for the traffic.

-U10 SL skis all weekend

* Working on skills quest and SL skiing skills all weekend

-U12 SL skis all weekend

* Working on skills quest, SL skills, and stubbie SL both days

-U14 SL skis all weekend

* Working on skills quest, SL skills, and SL both days

-U16/19 GS skis all weekend

* GS all day Saturday, and Sunday am

Thinking snow,

Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager



Office: 802.464.4165

Fax: 802.464.4083

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