weekend 3.17.18

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hello Alpine Team!

                Well the snow keeps on coming down day after day!  This is going to give us some great skiing for this upcoming weekend again.  We have the Brad Haight Bermuda open bracket race this Sunday.  Format is Dual GS race with qualifying in the am, cookout at bottom of Charlie’s chase, and then bracket of 8 starting right after the cookout until each group has a winner.  The race is open to parents as well we have a women’s and men’s groups, please sign up with Nancy if you would like to race this weekend.  Also we will have practice course up on Charlie’s Chase Saturday for you to practice on. 

We still need volunteers to help with the event you can still help event if you’re racing.  Please sign up with Nancy.

Some U16/19 are going up to Bromley for SL Saturday with Coach Jeff, and Pepe.

U12 have the Meisterschaft weekend with events at:

Willard SL Saturday https://www.vara.org/race/vara-u12-meisterschaft/991/

Magic Dual GS Sunday https://www.vara.org/race/u12-meisterschaft-dual-giant-slalom/1221/

Looking forward to great weekend of events and skiing see you all on the hill.

Thinking snow,

Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager


Office: 802.464.4165  |    Fax: 802.464.6071

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