Weekend 3.9-10

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hello Alpine Team!

Old man winter is making sure that spring is going to show up until April!  This mountain is skiing great and should be ready for a great weekend for all!  This Friday we will have our last additional Friday training for athletes. We will focus on full SL gates similar to what the U12 and U14 groups will see at Bromley’s Sun Mountain Open on Saturday. All age groups are welcome for Friday training though. Please RSVP to Nancy if you’ll join us.

The Brad Haight Memorial Bermuda open bracket race is on Sunday the 18th.  This race is for all our age groups, and we have a parent bracket also.  Parents, if you want to race and practice the day before you have to sign the racing waver and sign up with Nancy.  We will need volunteers, for those of you who won’t be racing! If you are racing, you can still sign up to help with the cookout.  

The U12 group has a race this Sunday, part of the U12 season end Meisterschaft weekend with races at Willard and Magic. 

Willard - http://www.vara.org/race/vara-u12-meisterschaft/991/

Magic -http://www.vara.org/race/u12-meisterschaft-dual-giant-slalom/1221/





Thinking snow,

Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager



Office: 802.464.4165

Fax: 802.464.6071




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