Alpine Comp 1.13-1.14.18

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hello Alpine Team,

The cold weather is gone for now and Mother Nature is bringing some mixed precipitation to our Saturday morning, so travel safe to the mountain. I hope that it moves out quick as we have lots to get done on the snow to get ready for the events that we all have coming up! There is a lot going on in all the different age groups, as usual feel free to ask me or Nancy if you have any questions about upcoming events. We don’t have regular programs running this Monday; we only have the race at Willard for U14 and U16/19 Speed Morning with Mike. Enjoy your day skiing with your family!


-Saturday SL 11:00-2:30

-Sunday GS 8:00-12


-Saturday SL 11:00-2:30

-Sunday SL 8:00-12 and meeting about race at Willard at 2:30 outside the Training Center with coaches -Monday SL Race at Willard


-Saturday Dual GS practice and meeting about race at Magic at 2:30 outside the Training Center with coaches -Sunday Race at Magic Dual GS


-Will be working on skills and dual GS for the busy events weekend coming up next weekend. Saturday meeting at 2:40 at firepit with coaches

Wayne Conn
Training Center Manager
 Office: 802.464.4165  |    Fax: 802.464.6071
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