Alpine Comp 1.6-1.7.18

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello Alpine team,

Happy New Year! What a great holiday week of skiing, except for the crazy cold temps that are still around the state. It looks like the temps will finally be warming up this Sunday, but Saturday is going to be brutal! Saturday is calling for -8 with 15 – 20 mph wind. We will keep you posted if events are postponed due to the temperature. It was so much fun to watch the all the age groups ski so well at Friday’s race! All the hard work is paying off! We have to keep that same focus for the rest of the season and you all will be skiing very well in February and March when it matters most.

There was some confusion over the break I want to clean up. Our program always runs from 8:00-2:30 and the times in the training block are just so athletes have the right gear for the day and time it will be happening.

We also had some issues with kids throwing snowballs during lunch hour. We encourage snow play but as soon as someone makes it aggressive, they will be removed and spoken with. Nancy or I are always in the building so please come get us if situations start to escalate.


- Saturday Bromley SL, coaches want everyone to attend and the signup deadline is Thursday

- Sunday GS 11-2:30


- Saturday GS 8-12, meeting at 2:30 about race at Stratton with coaches - Sunday Stratton GS  All U14's are registered, you will pay morning of comp.  Bring Cash.


 Saturday Skills at home  All U12's are registered, you will pay morning of comp.  Bring Cash

- Sunday GS 8-2


- Saturday Skills practice all day - Sunday skills event at home  All U10's are registered, you will pay morning of comp.  Bring Cash.

Thinking snow,

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