Alpine Comp 12.23-12.24 and Holiday Week

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hello Alpine Team,

The weather sure has been crazy this week with warm and cold days adding lots of moisture into the snow. On Friday we are getting a storm of 5-8 inches of snow, and Saturday it will change over to rain for the rest of the day. So what does this mean? Starting Saturday night into Sunday (and through the rest of the week), the snow will be very firm and your skis must be sharp! All age groups will be on SL skis this weekend; U14 and up have your SL gear on both days all day.

Just a reminder we will have programs running 12-27, 28, 29, 30, and 31. Our MSTC holiday GS race will be held on 12/29! More information and volunteer list will be sent out later this week.

On January 6th at 6 p.m. at the Grand Summit Hotel is the annual Gala and Silent auction for the William Y. Cooper Foundation. This was established in memory of Bill Cooper, a long-time ski instructor at Mount Snow and Deerfield Valley resident. The foundation awards financial assistance grants to ski and snowboard instructors and coaches, as well as ski patrollers and child care workers, at Mount Snow to enable them to pursue their educational development. Grants are awarded based on an individual’s personal and professional development goals, snow sports teaching experience and willingness to share the benefits of their participation in educational events with other Mount Snow skiing, riding and coaching staff. Ticket are 40.00 and you can buy them directly from me or off the website:

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!! Hoping Santa can bring the snow all winter long for us.

Thinking snow,

Wayne Conn Training Center Manager MOUNT SNOW, VERMONT Office: 802.464.4165 | Fax: 802.464.6071

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