Alpine Comp 12.16-12.17

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hello Alpine Team!

Thank you, Mother Nature!! Here is a link of Mount Snow’s snow report today: That’s 15 inches after the storm earlier this week! With Mother Nature’s help and our amazing snow-making system, we’re looking at an incredible weekend ahead.

We will continue with our warm up routine of basic parallel, making sure all our skills are working at the right time in our turns. These are the BASICS that we work on now to create a solid foundation for a season-long racing! Another way to build a solid foundation is to participate in the Friday trainings, these start next week (12/22/2017). Historically it’s been me, and another coach, with a small group of athletes which allows for some excellent one-on-one training. We ask that you let us know by Wednesday at noon if you will be attending so we can plan accordingly.

This weekend:


-Saturday SL training 11:00-2:30

-Sunday SL training 11:00- 2:30


                -Saturday SL gate training 11:00- 2:30

                -Sunday SL gate training 8:00-12:00


                -Skills Quest and Skill development all weekend

Thinking snow,


Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager

Office: 802.464.4165   |    Fax: 802.464.6071

mount snow


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