Weekend plan 1/21-22

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hello Alpine team,

                Mother Nature finally gave us a change from rain to snow for our midweek storm!  Sure is nice to look out and see the seven inches of snow outside!  This past weekend we had some challenging conditions and this showed us that we have a lot of work to do on our personal skiing.  If your coach asks you to try an exercise and you have trouble, you need to recognize that this is an area that you should develop in. The way any skier gets to the next level, myself included, is working on the areas that are outside of your comfort zone. Keep working on those areas and I promise your skiing will get to the next level. Also,  stay positive and ask questions—don’t forget to have fun, this is SKIING!

Plan for this weekend:


-Saturday SL

-Sunday GS

Good luck to all the kids at Stowe this weekend.


-Saturday and Sunday GS focus working on getting to SG speed


-Saturday and Sunday Stubbie focus all weekend


-Saturday GS Dual practice meeting with Galen at firepit after the day to go over plan for Magic

-Sunday GS magic Dual $40.00 day of event



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