lespecial and Wax Future at the Snow Barn - Free show with valid College ID

Wednesday January 15

lespecial and Wax Future at the Snow Barn - Free show with valid College ID


8:00 PM


Snow Barn


This show is FREE if you have a valid College ID.   RSVP HERE

Then show up at the venue with your College ID and another valid form of ID.  Your name will be on the RSVP list at the door!

Must be 18+ | Doors at 8:00 PM

lespecial carve their own sonic path in modern music, creating their signature blend of “heavy future groove”. The power trio’s fresh synthesis of varied and divergent influences doesn’t underestimate the listener, reflecting a post-modern cultural climate in which fans have space on their aural palette for J Dilla, Radiohead, King Crimson and Fela Kuti. Veering from hip-hop to metal, prog to house, pensive indie-rock to apocalyptic dub, leaving room for head banging and hip swaying alike, while still presenting a unified sound and vision.

Wax Future has been captivating listeners with a funk drenched hip-hop driven sound. Performing live The duo from Philadelphia takes listeners on an immersive journey. Guitarist Keith Wadsworth is known for his energetic performances, often times interacting with the crowd, creating in the moment connections. In the studio the two are known for their songwriting and the ability to bring forth music that is as emotionally captivating as it is sonically diverse. Connor Hansell’s production and engineering work harkens back to the glory days of recording, using as much analogue gear as he can get his hands on and sampling from vinyl records. Together the two craft music that is of the future, but is reminiscent of the past. Guitar work that ranges from soulful to technical intertwines with analogue synths, hard hitting drums and haunting vocal samples, to create music that is emotive and memorable.


Wax Future