Bud Light Shamrock Fest: Fruition with Eastbound Jesus

Saturday March 17

Bud Light Shamrock Fest: Fruition with Eastbound Jesus


9:00 p.m.


Snow Barn




Join us for the Budlight Shamrock Fest and enjoy live music at the Snow Barn!

The first time they ever made music together, Fruition’s three lead singer/songwriters discovered that their voices naturally blended into stunning three-part harmony. Eight years after that impromptu busking session, the Portland, Oregon-based quintet has grown from a rootsy, string-centric outfit to a full-fledged rock band with an easy but powerful grasp of soul, blues, and British Invasion era pop. On their new album Labor of Love, Fruition shows the complete force of their newly expanded and electrified sound, matching their more daring musicality with sophisticated, melody-minded songcraft. With Anderson, Asebroek, and Naja trading vocal duties and offering up their own singular brand of gutsy yet graceful songwriting, Fruition infuse each track on Labor of Love with timeless urgency and three-part harmonies that never fail to enthrall.

Tickets will be $20 online, and $25 at the door if still available. Online ticket sales will end at midnight on March 16.