Apres Relay

Friday February 21

Apres Relay




Sundance Base Area


THE CONCEPT: Teams of 4 - 1 Fat Tire Rider, 1 Snowshoe Runner, 1 Kayaker Captain and 1 Corn Hole Captain

The course is set - The Fat Tire Rider and Snowshoe Runner do a lap on the course. They then meet up with teammates #3 & #4 who pull them each up the slope in an inflatable kayak. Once up to the designated spot the all jump in the 2 kayaks together and ride down the slope to the corn hols field. All 4 team members must sink a corn hole prior to running to the finish line.

The setting is directly in front of the Sundance Lodge and visible to spectators to create a festive cheering atmosphere.

This event is $10 and open to All Ages. You must register beforehand in order to participate. Registration ends at 11:59PM on Feb. 20th REGISTER HERE