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It is important that you understand that traveling to Mount Snow is a little tricky. For that Reason we highly recommend that you fly into JFK in NY.



From the Airport: New York Airport Service ( shuttles go directly from the airport either to PENN STATION, NYC (for the Amtrak train) or to PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL, NYC (for the Greyhound Bus). Please see the website for the shuttles’ scheduling information.

COST: $15 one-way

From NYC: To get from New York to Vermont you will need to take the Amtrak train.

PENN STATION: 31st – 33rd Street, between 7th and 8th Avenue
(Same location as Madison Square Garden; Penn Station is below street level)
Amtrak Trains ( one departure daily from NYC to Brattleboro, Vermont.

SCHEDULE: Depart Penn Station at 11:30am (arrive Brattleboro 5:10pm)*

COST: $48-56. Tickets can be purchased online or at the train station. We recommend booking your seat in advance because trains can fill up.

View the MooVer Schedule

3. From Brattleboro, Vermont to West Dover, VT/ Mount Snow:

Getting to Mount Snow:

MOOver shuttles departs from the Brattleboro Transportation Center in Brattleboro, VT on Flat Street. You can pick up the MOOver at the train (Amtrak) station). These shuttles depart 4 times daily. You will switch MOOver busses in Wilmington, VT at Shaw’s Grocery Store (your driver will assist you if you need it).

The MOOver shuttle will bring you directly to Mount Snow Ski Resort. If you cannot make the 6:30 MOOver, you will have to stay in Brattleboro for the night and take the shuttle in the morning. You could also try taking a taxi (listed below).


Valley Cab
Reservations (802) 348-7827
Cost: $55- (limit 4 persons total)

***Mount Snow is approximately 30 miles (48km) from Brattleboro, VT.

More information regarding your arrival: We highly recommend that you take a cab up to Mount Snow; no matter what time it is, instead of trying to stay the night in Brattleboro. The cost of a place to sleep will be more than the cost of traveling in a taxi.

If you are flying in to an airport other than JFK please check to make sure you can get a train or bus from that location to Brattleboro Vermont before booking your flights.