International Staff

If you are interested in obtaining a J-1 visa and interviewing for a winter job at Mount Snow (we require a personal interview before an offer can be made), you should contact Universal Student Exchange (USE) or CCUSA for details. If you are interested in working in our hotel for the summer season, please contact CCUSA for more information. You will not be able to obtain a job at Mount Snow without working through one of our partner J-1 companies

Universal Student Exchange

There are several different positions available to our international staff. You should discuss the position details thoroughly with a recruiter before applying for employment at Mount Snow.

Below are some of the positions that we offer and a brief job description:

Lift Operator – Assist guests on & off lifts, operate lifts, scan lift passes and tickets, assist at the Tubing Park, shovel snow around lift shacks, etc.

Housekeeper – Clean guests' hotel rooms and/or condos including but not limited to vacuuming & mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc.

Food and Beverage Worker – Take customer orders, cook and prepare food, clean kitchen, wash dishes, run cash register, stock shelves, etc.

Custodial Worker – Clean lodge restrooms, sweep and mop floors, bus tables, clean restrooms, empty trash, etc.

Rental Technician – Assist guests with rental equipment, make adjustments, collect payments, maintain equipment, keep work area clean and organized, etc.

Additional Information for students that have been hired

Travel Information

Housing Information

Videos of Mount Snow

Vimeo Channel – featuring Carinthia Parks videos, including the popular C Sessions and Ride With a Ranger series.

YouTube Channel – Mount Snow’s video channel.