International Staff Information

Thank you for choosing Mount Snow! We have had excellent results from our International Program in the past, and look forward to continued success. We would like to share some important information about our resort with you so you are well prepared when you arrive.


Mount Snow is located at the southern tip of Vermont in the Northeastern United States. On a map, it is located on Route 100 in the town of West Dover, midway between Brattleboro and Bennington. New York City is a 4 hour drive south, and Boston is a 3 hour drive east of the mountain. A majority of Mount Snow’s guests come from these major metropolitan areas.


The safety of our staff and guest must be our first priority. Violations of the safety policy will be addressed with appropriate disciplinary procedures depending upon the nature of the violation.


• Customer Service is taken very seriously. Every employee is expected to deliver the highest-quality service at all times. Having a positive attitude is a job requirement.

• Attendance and punctuality are demanded. Missing work without cause and/or chronic tardiness will result in dismissal.

• Proper uniform is strictly enforced.

• Weekends and holidays are Mount Snow’s busiest, so please do not expect to have these days off.

• You will have an average of 32 hours a week while working at Mount Snow. Some weeks you will have 40 hours and other weeks you will have less then 32. Business levels vary and your scheduled hours will flex according to our needs. Our business depends on the weather and we can’t control Mother Nature.

• Overtime is limited and is only offered occasionally. If you do work overtime you will be paid a different rate of pay for those hours equaling time and a half. For example if your regular rate is $8.00 your overtime hours will be paid at a rate of $12.00.


As a full-time seasonal staff member for Mount Snow, you will receive a season pass for skiing or snowboarding.

Full-time staff members receive a 30% discount at all retail stores, and a 25-50% discount at most food outlets on the Mountain.


The average winter temperature in Vermont is around 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius), and can go as low as –25 degrees Fahrenheit (-31 Celsius!). With the added wind chill, it gets even colder. You are going to need plenty of warm clothing.

You will need to bring your own winter jacket, gloves (a few pairs), hats, thick socks (a few pairs), waterproof winter boots, fleeces, sweaters, thermal underwear, etc. Once you receive your season pass, you will receive a 30% discount at our ski shops, but the prices remain high. It can take up to 3 weeks before you receive your pass, therefore, you must arrive in Vermont prepared with the necessary winter clothing. You will be very glad that you did!

Mount Snow requires that all staff wear uniforms while at work. You will be required to furnish your own black or khaki pants (see job descriptions for departmental details), which you should purchase prior to your arrival in the US. A uniform shirt and jacket/snow pants (for outdoor jobs) will be provided. Uniforms which are issued by Mount Snow will be accounted for by each Department and will be returned to your Supervisor when requested. Uniforms are not to be worn outside of working hours.

Transportation: The MOOver is the free bus service provided by the State of Vermont in the Mount Snow Valley. The MOOver runs regularly throughout the workday and will provide transportation to and from work for staff in most positions. Mount Snow is located in a remote area of Vermont, so limited transportation options should be an important consideration before applying for a job here. When arranging staff housing Mount Snow makes every effort to consider location and proximity to the MOOver route, however staff should be prepared for walking moderate terrain and possible extreme weather conditions. Additional information and current schedules can be found at

Mail: You will be expected to make arrangements for your own post office box in either the town of West Dover or Wilmington depending on your housing location. Mount Snow will not accept and distribute mail for international staff. In order to establish a post office box, you will need your passport and one other form of identification.

Internet: There is Wi-Fi available at the resort if you have your own device.

Shopping/Amenities: The Mount Snow Valley has one major supermarket which is located on the MOOver route in Wilmington. Other smaller stores are located throughout the valley and are accessible by MOOver. There are many outdoor sports stores where skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, pants, jackets, hats, gloves, helmets and other winter gear can be purchased. The Mount Snow region is fairly remote, so shopping is limited to a handful of markets and specialty shops. The MOOver does have a route that travels to Brattleboro where there is more shopping but these trips will need to be made on your days off.


Mount Snow encourages you to contact Willian Parent at with any questions.