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With Internet and email access, the majority of Mount Snow staff now arrange their own housing. We encourage you to arrange yours by working with your sponsor or making direct contact with rental companies. Please be sure to let the rental company know that your housing needs to be ON OR WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE TO THE MOOVER ROUTE.

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You are welcome to arrange your own housing working with your sponsor or making direct contact with rental companies. 

Please feel free to email if you have any questions about securing your own housing. Make sure that your house is on the MOOver route and has a steady MOOver schedule. You can do so by going to and looking at route #7

Mount Snow rents houses and apartments located in West Dover or Wilmington and within one-half mile of the free bus service called the MOOver. Most accommodations are from 6 to 14 people and all bedrooms are at least double occupancy and occasionally triple. Mount Snow rents these houses and apartments from local owners.  

Mount Snow will have paid the entire season’s rent for all houses prior to the time you move in.  Therefore, you will sign a agreement with Mount Snow agreeing to pay back the money either by paying it all upon arrival or by payment plan.

You will be required to Pay:

  • Security deposit of $400 – To be paid upon arrival to Mount Snow
  • Re-payment $1,500- Minimum of $600 to be paid upon arrival to Mount
  • Total Due upon Arrival is a Minimum of $1000
  • Approximate utility fee of $500- to be paid via payment plan or upon arrival to Mount Snow

The deposit will be returned to you only if you complete your loan obligation and your house passes a damage/cleanliness inspection. You will also be responsible for paying your share of the utility bills such as phone, cable, electricity, oil, water and gas. Because it can be very cold in this part of Vermont, utility bills, particularly heating, can be very expensive, so keeping costs down is a team effort!  

Please note that there is very limited housing. Once you have signed the contract you are committed to Mount snow housing and can’t be released from the agreement.

If we do not receive your signed Mount Snow Pre-Arranged Housing Notification Form by October 15, 2019 we will assume that you are arranging your own housing and will not secure housing for you.  

Please review The Mount Snow Pre-Arranged Housing Notification Form for the details of this agreement

Download Pre-Arranged Housing Form