Ski Patrol Employment Opportunities

It's no secret that Ski Patrol has the most fun on the mountain. Not only are you on snow every day, but you're also surrounded by a welcoming and passionate community that loves to help others. Sound like something you'd be interested in? See how you can get started.

getting started: on-hill ski test

The first step in the process is an on-hill ski test to show you can handle the demands of the job. In order to complete your on-hill ski test, follow the directions below.

  • Give guest services a call at 802-464-1100 x4373 to set up a time for your ski test (any day we are open we may be able to do ski test, but it must be scheduled in advance, and all tests will be prior to 11am)
  • You must be at least 18 years old by October; if you are currently under 18 but will be 18 before October, a parent/guardian must come with you to sign a waiver
  • Ski tests will happen on varied terrain
  • If you pass, you may be invitied to a formal interview, although that is not guaranteed
  • Position will be full-time seasonal
  • If you don't have a season pass to Mount Snow, we can accommodate you during the ski test. If you'd like to ski on hill after the test, you are responsible for your pass during the remainder of the day

For any additional questions, please email Mike Porter at