Private Lessons

  • Open Daily
  • For Skiers and Snowboarders of all ages
  • Location: Cape House
  • Contact: 800.889.4411

All lesson programs with the exception of Private Lessons are done for the season.  Thank you for another great year!!

To book your private lesson, please visit us in the Clocktower Building.

Are you ready to hit the slopes? Whether it's your first-time or you are on your way to becoming a pro, one-on-one coaching produces the best skill development and the fastest improvement. Private lessons can be tailored for your needs and are available for 1-6 hours for up to four people.

To Sign Up:

4/6 - Close: Sign up in the Clocktower Building.

Meeting Place: 

Outside of the Cape House (across from main base lodge)


TIME 1-Person 2-People 3-People 4-People
1-HOUR $105 $160 N/A N/A
2-HOUR $200 $290 $380 N/A
3-HOUR $285 $375 $465 $555
4-HOUR $360 $450 $540 $630
5-HOUR $425 $515 $605 $695
6-HOUR $500 $590 $680 $770

Our Pros:

We've partnered up with our friends from Shred Better to give you the ability to find the perfect instructor for your skiing or snowboarding goals before you even set foot on the snow. Here you'll be able to browse through their database of talent and find out their strengths, experience, certifications, and read customer reviews before you book your lesson.