Monday, February 1, 2016

Hey Team, 

This is a busy month, I will post more details as the weekends get close, but wanted to put it all out for you to take a look:

This Friday the 5th we have a training day at Stratton for the Boardercross this weekend, both days at Stratton. Please let me know if you will meet us there at 8:30 in the West wing of the main base lodge, on Friday.

On all comp days we will meet between 7:30-8 am.

Next Weekend there is training available for purchase on the 12th, let me know if you would like to get in some half pipe training at Okemo that day. The 13th is a regular training day, and there is a Mass series Slopestyle and Rail Jam on Sunday that I would like to go to as many athletes missed the cutoff for the home event this past weekend. Your Noreaster pass is good at Crotched mountain in Bennington NH, Please let me know if you can get your athletes there. There will still be coaching for the Rail Jam at Stratton if you are competing there.

The 15th is presidents day, and I want to go practice for the Halfpipe comps at Okemo. Their pipe should be complete this week. 

Tuesday- Friday, presidents week- the 16-19 are available to purchase program days. Again let me know if you are planning to attend, and get with Nancy for payment. 

The 20-21 weekend is at Okemo for the halfpipe comps. 

The 26 is available for purchase as an extra practice day. The 27-28th are both alpine race days, one at Magic and one at Bromley. 

Feel free to pester me constantly, I am happy to help in any way I can!


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