Holiday Break!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hey gang, 

This coming weekend lasts until Wednesday! Then we have 2 days off and back at iit Jan 2-3. It looks like there will be a stretch of cold weather, so conditions will get better and better!

Plan for the weekend: More early season conditions, so creative use of the terrain is included. We will expand on the skills from last week and the week before, and check out the new set up on Gulch, looking ahead to the rail jam at Stratton next weekend. 

For the week, as new terrain opens up we will incorporate that into our daily training, to diversify the skills we have in place now. We are possibly getting a snowstorm on Tuesday they say??? Lets hope our wishes come true!

For the 12 and under crowd: Grommet Jam #1 is supposed to happed on Monday the 28th. If you preregister, you can save some cash. 

The mountain has all kinds of fun activities planned, be sure and check those out, like scavenger hunts and free s'mores. 

Lastly, please keep me or Nancy in the loop when your kiddo is not attending, so we know what to expect. 



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