Dec 19-20

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


News: No Race this weekend


On Deck this weekend: 

Donek Boards are coming today! We can play with those on Saturday. Sunday is our first race day, GS and Slalom at Killington. Please register here before Thursday. In the event of a postponement, they will move your registration to the rescheduled event. Mother Nature has not been kind this week, we lost some terrain, but there is an opportunity tonight for some snowmaking, and also Friday and through the weekend, so it will only get better! Plan to bring an extra pair of gloves and socks to change at lunch time! 

Saturday talk: Coach Aaron will fill us in on our team philosophy and tips for helping your athlete as a parent. We will also touch on nationals, and take some questions about competitions. As with previous meetings, athletes and parents welcome, younger kids might not benefit as much as older ones. 

For the Competition: We know that some athletes are not going to participate in all the comps. Please contact me directly so I know where your going to be and can staff accordingly. As far as the race this weekend, with the lack of hill space at the moment, it will be a great opportunity to get some gate racing in!

As always, please call or email me with any questions! 



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