Development Program 3/5-3/6

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

There was plenty of fun to go around last weekend with the fresh snow (thanks Kelly), mild temps, Crazy Hat Contest, and The Obstacle Course.
The imagination and creativity everyone put into their hats this season was very impressive. Great Job! A special High Five to our six winners:  Kialen Charon, Rose Goldman, Chase Greenberg, Timothy Hoagland, Amanda Myott and Emma Sklar.

This weekend we will be doing some all-mountain skiing and gate training in a duel GS course on Charlie's. The focus will be on maintaining a good line through the entire course. The major direction change starts above the gate and is completed as you pass by the gate. Sunday we will be free skiing around the whole mountain.

In two weeks we are scheduled for our Parent/Child Race on Charlie's. Don't miss this one! Parents are invited to train on the course, the Saturday before, with their child's group and maybe get a few pointers from the coach. On Sunday, parents race with their children in pursuit of the fastest combined time. Development Team members will also compete for medals in their respective age groups. More info next week.

As the season winds down, we would like to invite any Development Team member that is considering making the move to the Alpine Racing Team or Development Freestyle the opportunity to make a few runs with the coaches and the team before the program ends. If you are interested please contact me at 802-464-4270. If you have any friends that may be interested in the Development Program for next season, they are also invited to join a group for a few runs this season. Again, please contact me to make arrangements.

Nancy Logan

Training Center Administrative Manager

Office: 802.464.4270  |    Fax: 802.464.7061

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