Devo Program Weekend of 2/13 - 2/14

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last weekend we had great trail conditions for training in gates, racing and all mountain skiing. On Saturday we trained in a dual GS course on Charlie's and had a great time with our Valentine's Race on Sunday. Race results are available at

This weekend we were scheduled for the Crazy Hat Contest and Race.
Don't Stop Working on those Hats!
Due to the Arctic Blast of subzero temps predicted for this weekend we decided to reschedule, hopefully for a warmer day.
The Crazy Hat Contest will be held on February 28, Obstacle Course Day. It should be a great time skiing the obstacle course with crazy hats and maybe crazy outfits.The Crazy Hat Race will likely  be postponed to a later date.

We will be using Charlie's Trail this weekend for some gate training and drills. The focus will be on GS course tactics ( skiing the optimal line in a course ). We will be using markers in the course to keep the skiers on the best line. Let's see how much we can lower the course times next race.

The subzero temps predicted for this weekend mean it's very important to dress for the cold. Wear extra layers, have hand and toe warmers, gators and Dermatone for exposed skin. Expect to be headed inside for warmup every other run.

See you Saturday. Bundle Up.

Nancy Logan

Training Center Administrative Manager

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