Development Weekend 1/30 -1/31

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Last weekend gave us some of the best all-mountain skiing this season with most of the trails having a silky corduroy surface. We spent two days on Charlie's practicing turns in a dual gate course and skiing through four brush gate courses to improve on our fundamental skiing mechanics.

This weekend the main event is a dual mogul skiing contest set for Sunday on Cooper's trail.

Saturday we will be training in the moguls on Cooper's along with some all-mountain and brush course skiing on Charlie's.

Sunday the mogul course corridors will be set and ready for athletes to ski head to head with their group members in the course. Judges at the bottom of the course will select a winner for each run based on carved turns made in the course, skiing form, and time to the finish. Each team member may take as many runs as they would like for the duration of the event. Approximate start times will be available on Sunday morning.

In two weeks we are scheduled for our Valentine's Day race which will be a dual GS, held on Charlie's Trail.

With temperatures predicted to be near or slightly above freezing this weekend the conditions should be excellent for skiing moguls.

See you Saturday,

Nancy Logan

Training Center Administrative Manager

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