Devo Program 1/23-1/24

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Last Sunday was a great day for our first gate/race training session on Charlie's. Most team members were able to get at least 2 timed runs in the dual GS Course.

This coming weekend we will have Charlie's Chase Trail available again to use both Saturday and Sunday. Gate training will continue on dual GS Courses. We will also be using a number of brush course drills designed to increase skiing skill levels and agility.

Our dual mogul contest is just two weeks away. The Mount Snow cat operators, as supervised by the head freestyle coach, will be constructing a mogul course for our use on Cooper's trail this week. Practice for our mogul contest will also start this weekend.

Skiing conditions continue to improve daily and we expect to be using many more newly opened trails for this weekend. The temps have dropped so remember to layer, have an extra pair of hand/toe warmers and a good pair of goggles for the snow we're expecting over the weekend.  

See everyone soon,


Nancy Logan

Training Center Administrative Manager

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