Alpine Weekend 3/19-3/20

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hello Alpine team,

I am very happy to say that the Brad Haight Memorial race is a go!  Our management at the Resort made sure that the event will happen by using the snow from the jumps on Inferno to allow us to host the event!  We will also have Heavy Metal lift running for us to service the race course.  The weather looks great for the weekend; the race is a dual GS and we will practice Saturday.  On Sunday you will take two qualifying runs and we will announce the brackets at the cookout. The racing will go until we have a winner in each gender and age group.  It will be a great time, looking forward to it!


The U12 event was cancelled for the weekend so we would love to see you all at the race.  Make sure that you register with Nancy. And where are all my parents at? We need more parent racers!! It will be so fun for you all to come out and see first-hand how racing goes; it will be a blast so I encourage you to sign up!! We also need more volunteers so please let Nancy know if you’d like to do either! 


More EXCITING NEWS so please read this! I am in the preliminary stages of putting together a group to go out to Colorado for a few days the weekend of April 9th. I have contacted several of my contacts from when I lived out there and have started to put the wheels in motion. This was originally an idea I started throwing around for next year, but after reaching out to some folks we thought we could give it a go for this year. This year will definitely be a learning year for this program and in order for me to get a better handle on accommodations and mountain resources, if you’d be interested in participating please reach out to me ASAP. This program will be beneficial to the athletes as we will have a lot of on- mountain time, I will be skiing with them all day every day and sharpening their skiing fundamental skills. I have also talked to several folks I used to work with out there who have racing accreditations who may be helping out as well. Like I said this is in the preliminary stages and in order for me to continue to push, I’d just like to gage the interest level so again please reach out to me ASAP if you’d like to learn more.


            This weekend is going to be lots of fun and I look forward to seeing you all on the hill this weekend!


Thinking snow,


Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager

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