weekend of 1/30-1/31

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello Alpine Team,

We have a lot of racing coming up this weekend so I will outline the details for the groups below.

 I have made some observations, with the coaching staff, that the skiing is too fast on your warm up runs.  The best ski racers warm up very slow and make the proper movements at the right times and then take the speed up with each run.  The best skiers make SL turns to ski SL and GS turns for GS; but they never sacrifice the proper movements like a pole plant or keeping constant shin contact with the boot at all times.  When we ski to fast we can’t fix our skiing and we go back to the movements that we are used to doing and that can be incorrect skiing position at times.  Also when you haven’t been with coaches you have all been making GS turns on our SL skis and SG turns on our GS skis.  This is why we must slow down and make sure we are making the right size turn and movements then slowly increase speed.

This all comes from knowing what the best skiers are doing to warm up and what we aren’t doing.  So please ski slow and focus on what is happing when you are on your skis at all times. 

Also, no pack skiing off of ego alley to yard sale please. I saw about 20 of our U12 do that last weekend.  That run was wasted for these athletes and we need to practice the entire time we are sliding on our skis.

·        U16/19 SL at Bromley Saturday and training SL Sunday morning

·        U14 will train GS Saturday morning on South Bowl , Sunday GS race at Stratton

o   Parnets meeting saturday 2:30 where group meets about race

  • Registration $$ not up on VARA.org day of cash or check + bib deposit

·        U12 will train SL stubbies on Charlie’s Saturday,  Sunday Stubbie SL Bromely

o    Parnets meeting saturday 2:30 where group meets about race

  • Registration 30.00 day of cash or check + bib deposit

·        U10 Race at Magic Duel Saturday, Sunday obstacle course on Charlie’s chase.

o   Registration 25.00 day of cash or check + bib deposit

Thinking cold,

Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager

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