Alpine christmas week

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hi everybody,

We will have five days of program operation coming up starting Saturday the 26th and run through Wednesday the 30th.   The Holiday race is cancelled for Wednesday the 30th.  I am hoping to set up a skills event on that day but it will depend on what space I can get from the mountain with snowmaking hopefully resuming next week.

We will be hosting meetings to go over race schedule, VARA, USSA, and field questions.  If you’re not able to make the meeting, grab any coach at the end of the day and they can review what was covered.

·        The U10 team had their meeting last weekend.

·        U12 Team Meeting will be in the lunch room of the Training Center after skiing at 2:30 Sunday the 27th.

·        U14 and U16/19 Team Meeting will be in the lunch room of Training Center after skiing at 2:30 Monday the 28th.

I hope you all have a great holiday with your families. Make sure you do the snow dance a couple times!!

Happy holidays,

Wayne Conn

Training Center Manager

Office: 802.464.4165   |    Fax: 802.464.7061

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